I tried “Simple, Tasty, Good” and it was!

It's Blueberry Muffin season!

If you don’t always have time for involved cooking , jump into the back part of the book and bake some muffins! Simple, tasty and portable. All it took was 30 mins maximum from start to finish. I love this type of recipe because it’s the one where you can find the ingredients lying around on your shelf you haven’t used for a while except the blueberries of course. What do you need except a bowl, measuring cups and a fork, add the dry first then the wet ingredients mix it really well and there you have it! After baking them I couldn’t wait for them to cool. I started eating them. Actually I tested these out at a lunchtime gathering of many older traditional people from Fiji and the women and some of the men said “Hey where did you get these” did you make them? Well I figure if you can enjoy simple food not from your culture then you know you’re onto a winner!
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