Trip Into Supernatural


Author: Roger J. Morneau ISBN: 0828001383 Publisher: Review and Herald Paperback:141 pages Language: English

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A Trip Into the Supernatural shows us of the fascinating lure of occultism and opens our eyes to the supernatural struggle taking place in our world today. This is a true life story of Roger from Canada. After his mother dies, Roger rejects God and religion. Years later, he’s toughened from the horrors of World War II as a navy officer. He’s soon invited into a secret society of spirit worship. He learns he was specifically chosen by “the master” to receive a special treatment and is later invited to join the society permanently. Morneau relates his dramatic experience and deliverance from a secret world with a bounty on his head. At 3 am, he cries out ” If there is a God up there that cares for me, Help me. ” No one had ever gotten out of this secret society alive. Here is Roger Morneau’s own story of rescue from the world of Satanism.

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  1. Roxy

    Review by Roxy @ Campbelltown NSW 26 January 2021
    This book demonstrates there is a dark world and it points out how a normal person could be involved to gain power if you worship evil & you are constantly being monitored. Within that society hidden agendas occurs. I admire how the man decides to choose light over darkness and follow the path of God, which god provides free will. In contrast the dark world was angry towards Roger as well as trying to do anything to ensure he could not get out by frightening him. This demonstrates God defeated the darkness he was facing.

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