The Next Superpower


Author: Mark Finley ISBN: 9780828019187 Publisher: Review and Herald Publishing Hardcover: 225 pages Language: English

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Finley takes us through a step by step analysis of ancient prophecies that have already taken place. He highlights the important biblical teachings behind prophecies in the future. Finley begins with the secrets of the ancient scrolls in Daniel with the promised world in the New Jerusalem. Hurricanes, War, Terrorist attacks, Tsunamis. . . What’s next? You can read it for yourself in any Bible. The books of Daniel and Revelation tell us the future more plainly than you might expect. But if you are like most people, that part of the Bible is hard to read and even harder to understand. The Next Superpower is a key to unlocking the confusing parts. With this book, the Bible can come alive. The Next Superpower lays it all out and backs it up with Biblical references so you can check it for yourself. Read The Next Superpower and find out what the future holds.


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