The Last Day


Author: Jack McNeilus ISBN: 978-1613648230 Publisher: Flat Rock Publications; 11th edition Softcover: 216 pages Language: English

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This book will examine Allah’s symbolism in the stories about Ibrahim’s descendants by his marriages and Islam’s role in prophecy using interpretive principles.

This book will tell you Allah’s message for Islam and most importantly, Muslims can avoid the deadly treachery of Iblis.

In the recorded words of Allah, the reader will find a strong literal-to-symbolic correlation between the Children of the East (the descendants of Hagar and Keturah) and Islam.

You will see a series of repeating patterns in the Tawrah, the Injil and the books of the prophets which confirm Islam’s path in the end-time events and understand the message presented in symbol and pattern.

The peace and understanding of Allah will bring comfort to your mind as Allah’s faithful servants


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