Prophets and Kings


Author: Ellen G White ISBN: 0816324174 Publisher: Better Living Publications Paperback: 415 pages Language: English

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The author with deep insight draws the curtain aside and reveals a philosophy of history revealing events of the past which take on eternal significance. The book opens with the account of King Solomon’s glorious reign over Israel, a united kingdom, and chosen people, torn between allegiance to God and serving the gods of the nations around them. The author gives a colorful life of Solomon, whose wisdom did not keep him from transgression; Jeroboam, the self-serving man of policy, and the evil results which followed his reign; The mighty and fearless Elijah; Elisha, the prophet of peace and healing; Ahaz, the fearful and wicked; Hezekiah, the loyal and good-hearted; Daniel, the beloved of God; Jeremiah, the prophet of sorrow; Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, prophets of the restoration. The lives of great men and women of Old Testament times may deepen the religious experience and enlighten the minds of all who read its pages

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