Great Controversy, Ended…


Author: Ellen G. White ISBN: 9780816314195 Publisher: Better Living Publications Paperback: 383 pages Language: English

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The Great Controversy is what we are facing today. This book answers so many questions like why are so many bad things happening globally and constantly? What are the real economic, environmental, social, political, racial and religious issues facing us today? Are there is any real answers? Most importantly it tells you how to prepare for and what to expect in the future. The author gives you a historical perspective as an outline of contemporary issues facing us today. It examines international moves between countries like Germany, France, Italy, England, and the country in question the United States of America, yet remains relevant to all other nations. It is said to be more relevant today than when it was first written. Regardless of your persuasion whether you are in intellectual, philosopher, historical or modern day theorist, religionist or non-religionist as you read this book it will reveal true realities about the time in which we live. This book is ideal for those searching for answers or comparing current events to the past and present. With its economical, black and white illustrations you wont be dissapointed.

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