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Author:Ramon Gelabert ISBN: 9788496848269 Publisher: Editorial Safeliz Hardcover: 142 pages Language: English

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About 250,000,000 people suffer from Diabetes, even though many of them unknowingly suffer from a mild form of this disease. Dr. Gelabert’s clear, complete, and direct advice provides the best guidance for learning if you suffer from it and how to prevent it. If you already know that you have this disease, you will discover how to control it by the use of the most advanced methods and scientific and natural treatments.

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1 review for Diabetes

  1. Jayson

    Reviews by Jayson @ Greenacre, Sydney
    I love this book because you can have all types of smoothies and what the correct food is to eat and it’s been helping me quite a great deal because I’m not smoking as much. Im quite pleased with the way my coach has been helping me with this book. My mind is much clearer than before and I still take mental health medication but I’m more healthy

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