Cooling Down Teen Stress


Author: Delight Chandler Johnson ISBN: 9781922373120 Publisher: Signs Publishing Company Paperback: 111 pages Language: English

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An exciting teen story, by a teen for teens, that relates to the stresses of everyday teen life. Live a year with Derisa – energetic, smart, caring and otherwise typical high school student – as she navigates challenges in and out of school. Her story grapples with real life-and-death teen issues, like dating, parents, fear, jobs, grades, suicide and grief. Following each chapter is an interactive teen stress strategy, providing readers with high-impact awareness tools to assess their stress levels and manage stress. There are practical solutions for external stressors, like not enough time, money or freinds–and internal stressors, like low self-worth, guilt and negative emotions. This book is priority reading for every teenager.

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