About Power3House Books

Power3House Books is all about helping you transform your Mind, Body and Spirit. With these three aspects of your life in harmony, you have the platform to transform your life in the direction that is most fulfilling for you, your friends and your family.

Our Story

Why are you passionate about selling these books?

They are unique because they don’t belong to the usual mainstream literature with book subjects such as Overall Wellbeing, Mental, Physical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual Health. The books that I sell can give you new insights and help clarify and open your mind in so many ways. The books on my site are well researched, proven scientifically and offer practical and life changing tips. Any type of person be that someone who considers themselves intellectual or philosophical, a historical buff, a factual researcher, anyone with an open mind can read these books and will be able to create a source of discussion with others. The books are functional and contemporary, without superficial content, written in direct and simple language. I love helping people, who are dedicated to a particular subject area, find what they are looking for and then others may join them and a whole community of like-minded readers evolves. Each person reading the books will react differently, but hopefully, all books will have a lasting impact in a person’s life. That in particular, is something that excites me.

Why do you believe these books so important?

I believe deep down that all people essentially are seeking the truth about a particular subject. Often, we don’t know where to look for it. So my bookstore is a place for you to begin.

The large amount of feedback that I have received is that the books that I sell can be a great starting point in a person’s search to a better life.

The books provide answers to critical problems and can assist with the overall wellbeing of individuals, partners, families, colleagues, neighbors, friends, in both internal and external ways.

People can improve their life by transitioning to lifestyle practices, lifting their standard to something better and more attainable, which can turn out to be permanent.

People can receive inspiration, support and guidance in maintaining longevity and success in most areas of their life through these books.

How did the business start, what made you commence?

A GP, who is a personal, close friend of mine, shared with me that he advises his patients to read more, specifically, to gain knowledge on how to make beneficially lifestyle changes. As this is something I believe in, we discussed this further and he urged me to start reading some of the books that dealt with long term mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual problems. That was back in September 2019. After that, I decided that others should have the same information that I had received and Power3House was born. Initially, I started selling door-to-door rain, hail or shine and met people at home or whilst working in their businesses. Now, my bookstore is online, and I am excited about being able to reach even more people, more quickly, who can benefit from these books.

Why should people buy these books from you?

Easy! As I always say, “Google does not have all the answers!” It’s like wild territory out there on the internet with no one there to control it. How do you know whether or not an article you have stumbled upon, is the real deal?! These books that I sell, have honest, truthful information and nothing questionable or sensational about the authors.

Security: Helpful advice for sickness, disease, preventative, curative, strategies for preparation

Awareness: In global matters and contemporary matters, and emergency situations

Appearance and Durability: Bold illustrations for those who can’t read English and to reinforce the written message, quality printing, durable, visually appealing, they will last even through rough handling from the reader.

Economy: My prices are reasonable, especially at this time of unpredictability and instability.

Comfort: The books provide a source of joy, contemplation, enable the reader to build knowledge, to generate motivation after setbacks, to elevate or provide a change in mood after anxiety, crisis, doubt and fear.

Many of the titles are normally only available from the U.S., (or if you’re very lucky, you may come across one of them second hand) whereas all of the books I sell, are brand new.

Some come plastic wrapped, delivery within reasonable time, some with free add-ons.

Book Bundles make great gifts at birthdays, engagements, occasions, children and other family members!

How do you care about your customers?

Communication: I’m interested to know the results both positive and negative after reading the books. The follow-up is more important to me than the sale. Revisiting them to know their opinion and what works and what does not. I’m planning to create a forum, such as a private Facebook Group or ZOOM online meetings in the future, to engage and connect those customers as part of a wider conversation on subject matters, they’re interested in.

What is your message to your current and potential customers?

I am passionate about helping people understand themselves better by empowering them through books that offer effective, dynamic and meaningful ways to adapt and respond to issues they may be facing at a personal and global level.
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