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Reading books can radically improve your ability to think clearly and creatively. Power3House Books provide a range of books for thinking people to help transform and change the way you live.


You are what you eat! Books are a wonderful way to revise your relationship with food and your body. Power3House Books range of food and recipe books will help you integrate your mind, body and spirit.


Discover the best Christian spiritual growth books at Power3House. If you are looking for books to help you grow spiritually, hear God, and develop your Christian faith, we encourage you to browse our range.

Testimonials from our readers

“The story and the movie are different, but to my surprise this short version told a good story of reality. Loved the short read. I reckon this would make a Great Birthday or Christmas present for someone.”

Review, Hero of Hacksaw Ridge
  • Hero of Hacksaw Ridge Book Front Cover available through Power3House.com.au

“I bought this book for my daughter because she wanted to know what happiness means and it helped her in her studies.”

Review, Live More Happy
  • Live More Happy Book Front Cover available through Power3House.com.au

“I’m a teacher and I love vegan food. My parents eat meat but I can tell them from this book why it’s worth being vegetarian.”

Review, Foods that Heal
  • Foods that Heal Book Front Cover available through Power3House.com.au

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This recipe book is simple. That was the idea from the start, to create a collection of recipes that are plant-based, taste great, quick and easy to make from everyday ingredients, and that is what we have done.

I've tried most of the recipes in this book, and true to the book's title, they are Wholesome and simple

- Nadia

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